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Carpet installation preparation information and tips from Bridgeport Carpet, hardwood & Tile in Alpharetta, GA

Carpet Installation Preparation

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To help your floor covering installation go smoothly here is a list of things that need to be done prior to the arrival of our installers:

  1. The installers only move furniture, so furniture should be clear of all items such as lamps, knickknacks, books, pictures, etc.
  2. Please remove all breakable items from drawers.
  3. Closet floors should be cleared; also low hanging clothing should be removed from the closet.
  4. China cabinets, Curio cabinets and Entertainment centers should be emptied of all items including glass shelves.
  5. Book shelves need to be emptied of all items and books.
  6. Computers, Stereos, VCRs, etc. must be disconnected and moved.
  7. Beds should be stripped of all linens and the floors below the beds need to be cleared.
  8. Any furniture (beds, desks, etc.) requiring special tools to disassemble needs to be taken apart prior to installation.
  9. All items removed should be placed in areas not being covered with new flooring.
  10. Any pictures on the walls in hallways and areas where the large rolls of carpet will be carried in need to be removed to prevent damage.
  11. Any pets need to be contained out of the work areas for their safety.
  12. The installer MUST be informed of any wiring located under the carpet or along the baseboard (stereos, alarms, etc.).
  13. We will NAIL down a few squeaks in your floor at no charge, but you must inform the installer prior to installing the flooring. Once the floor is installed, WE CAN'T FIX IT. We DON'T guarantee that we can fix all squeaky floor problems.
  14. When resetting your toilet, if the plumbing to be changed or corrected or the inner workings of the Toilet fail, you will need to hire a plumber to reset/repair the Toilet. We will refund what we charged to reset the toilet on your signed contract, not the bill from the plumber or service person. We do have Not licensed plumbers and can NOT make plumbing repairs.
  15. We will move and put back your Refrigerator/Washer/Dryer as needed, but if the inner workings of the appliance fail or if the appliance can NOT be reconnected, you will need to hire a plumber or appliance person to repair/reconnect the appliance. If we cant reset the appliance we will credit the amount we charged on your signed contract to move the appliance, not the bill from the plumber or appliance service person.

If there is precipitation we may need to reschedule your installation for the next available day.
Unless we have a dry place to cut the new carpet, such as a garage etc.
Thank you in advance for your help and cooperation!
If you have any questions please feel free to call your salesperson.

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